Monday, November 30, 2009

SANDBLASTING! Preview of whats to come at our opening DECEMBER 11th!

Check out our tests with the new sandblaster! Be inspired and come to the opening next Friday night, DECEMBER 11th! We will sandblast your design onto your wine glass, then fill it with bubbly! Glasses and bubbly provided! Opening Reception, 6-8pm, 12/11/09.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mendelson's! Projector, wire, magnets, glass tubes, and more

Did I mention - a Room full of wire. Just checking. Also, 100's of overhead projectors. hmmm. something is afoot. We have 1 now at Brazee. There is no stopping us. Now we need a film strip projector. Anyone?

Trip to Mendelson's!

We needed a long awaited vacation after Hyde Park. Paris, no. London, no. Bergen, no. Dayton, YES!!! Mendelsons Liquidation Outlet Center- AKA- Crack House for Artists.