Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Bark

The Bark- from the layout to the end. Then we had to cut it. You would have thought we were cutting a real tree. Agonizing. In a couple weeks, we will have those for you but here was the beginning.

ARTWORKS mural for Ronald McDonald house in full swing!

Well, the first week is done and we have so much to do but we got a lot of groundwork covered. We have pondered the makings of OUR movie (loosely based on SAW), a "plaque" business (not based on SAW) , and have analyzed in depth the set design of SAW all in the hopes it would generate enough money to buy another kiln. During this, we have learned who is a vegetarian, who eats chips in their sandwiches, who is skydiving this weekend, who may want to be an Imagineer, and who is the Sagittarian. We all love penguins and hippos. In fact, more than one us has a penguin collection. Hmmm. That was not part of the questionnaire. Oh and we have all seen many SAW movies. Here are a few shots from our first week. Enjoy.

Monday, June 8, 2009

the future gallery at Brazee

Well, we are in the midst of demo and John came to visit. His one request is that he hopes we can get it to NOT look like the saw movies. Hmmm. We are working on it. It is a slow process. Instead of "demoing" we are editing. It takes longer but we can take advantage of existing structures so as not to repeat the wheel.

Blythe loves recycling.